Register online for classes or contact us for more details. 1st practice free for new athletes. Kids, youth and adult wrestling. Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu classes (Gi and No-Gi). Check our schedule for training times

Elite Wrestling & Fitness Academy

Welcome to Elite Wrestling & Fitness Academy. We are very pleased that you are interested in joining us, we will do everything to make you feel welcome and comfortable.

Our coaches are highly trained and certified to help with the athletic or fitness goals of all our members. Feel free to speak to anyone of our staff members to discuss your goals, whether it is competing in Olympics in the future or just getting in shape to help with your health or self-confidence.

At Elite Wrestling & Fitness Academy we train 6 days a week (with some exceptions), and do not limit the number of classes that can be attended in a week because:

  1. * Daily physical activity is very important and we want to encourage it.
  2. * Enthusiasm, hard work, and focus are wonderful traits to possess.
  3. * Sometimes school, work, or illness prevents participation and you wish to make up for missed time.
  4. * Injuries or family time also prevent participation.

  1. * No experience required
  2. * Experienced & Professional coaches with elite athletic and coaching credentials
  3. * Kids, teens, men, and women welcome
  4. * No egos or attitudes
  5. * Fun & family friendly environment
  6. * Build strength, flexibility, speed, endurance, agility, and overall confidence
  7. * Learn high level technical wrestling skills for competition or self-defence

You can train to get in shape or compete at a competitive level with our dedicated coaches and athletes. Stay active, have fun, build friendships, and increase your fitness level with us.

Building Champions

Tournament entries & travel are available to our competitive athletes for the following types of competitions. Some entries are based on skill level, athletic ability, fitness, and national rankings.

  1. * Kids & high school aged tournaments & competition
  2. * University & open aged junior / senior tournaments & competition
  3. * Provincal Championships
  4. * National Championships
  5. * International Championships & Training camps
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